Meet Our Director

A special message for new members of our community.

Welcome to the Academia Britanica Cuscatleca (ABC).

The ABC is a warm, vibrant and passionately values-based learning community in the beautiful country of El Salvador and we believe the world needs to change: it is not as fair or as peaceful or as sustainable as it needs to be. How will we change the world? Through the young people we send out into it; that is why we are so passionately committed to our values-based approach. As a community, we promote three main values- honesty, empathy and leadership. By being truly honest with ourselves we develop humility. This in turn leads us to respect and value others- to have empathy. Once we empathise with others, we will feel a desire to help and are motivated to lead. In this way, we aspire to change the world. Again, welcome to the ABC!

Steve Lang – Director

What is our mission? It’s quite simple:

We want to change the world.


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