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Meet our team

B.A. in Psychology, Radford University, Virginia
M.S. in Human Resource Management NOVA Southeastern University, Florida

Since joining the ABC community in 2015, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to work with our talented group of young adults…

I am a big fan of the International Baccalaureate program and how our graduates become international minded and critical thinkers. Connecting our students to a community that shares their values and interests is a really special opportunity. I love building relationships with our students and their families and helping them navigate the university application and admission process.

B.A in Psychology, Universidad Jose Matias Delgado, El Salvador

I’m a proud Exabrit, who started working as a Lower Primary Assistant in 2009, and joined the University Counseling team in 2019. I am passionate about guiding students to achieve their unique post secondary goals. I truly believe the IB programme grants students a passport for success no matter where they choose to pursue their future studies. I am looking forward to inspiring endeavor, empathy and respect in the future graduates who will become ROC ambassadors.

*Insert here testimonies from recent Graduates and parents of Graduates in support of their experience of working with the Uni Counselling team

María Eugenia de Vides

Alejandra Martínez
María Eugenia de Vides

Alejandra Martínez

We plant the seed early at the ABC. Students in G6 through to the diploma years are encouraged to consider their skills, interests and explore career options as part of our life-skills programme. The table below outlines some of the careers and guidance sessions that are run by our Counselors throughout their secondary years

How can we help?

  • Support and guide students in the transition between school and university
  • Search universities and create a personalized university list considering the students’ interests, abilities, and needs.
  • Application processes- prepare application forms and manage deadlines
  • Organize university fairs and university visits to expose students to different options
  • Assistance with scholarship applications and considerations of financial aid.
  • Advice and guidance on personal statements, essays and interviews
  • Recommendation letters
  • Resumes

“Which university is right for me?”

“Will I be awarded course credits for IB classes?”

“What is the most important part of the application?"

“How can I maximise my chances of being awarded a scholarship?”

“What does a great personal statement look like?”

“How can I support my child in the university application process?”

“Do all universities require SAT”

These are just a few of the questions that students and families have when it comes to the university application process.

Don’t worry-we are here to help!

And here are some other reasons not to worry:

Our students study the most prestigious and valued end-of-school graduating programme in the world. The IB Diploma is not just recognised by all of the best universities around the world, including Ivy League schools, Oxbridge and Russell Group (elite UK universities), but is actually preferred by them

“Send us prepared students a la IB. . . It is the ‘best’ high school prep curriculum an American school can offer.” Marilee Jones, Former Director of Undergraduate Admission, Massachusetts Institute of Technology .

We are proud to be truly globally minded. Our school has a track record for sending students to great universities including Columbia, Pennsylvania, University of British Columbia, Berkeley, Notre Dame, Duke, Edinburgh.


What our community says about our provision

“Since the beginning, my daughter has enjoyed learning at the ABC through games and the hard work of her teachers, who have known how to stimulate and guide her. We are happy to see that she’s bilingual and already has the skills to problem solve, even at her young age. We are grateful and pleased that she has access to a wide range of cultural, athletic, and academic activities to choose from (even during the pandemic).

Adriana de Gómez
Lower Primary Mom

“Overall, I feel grateful to the ABC because I have been able to see my child’s improvement in different areas. For me, the teaching method based on games is modern and engaging. Now my child misses school even on weekends. They also kept this methodology during the pandemic, kids were learning how to write and read through games online. Thanks for the support! It’s great to be ABC.”

José Eduardo Murcia
Lower Primary Dad

Academia Británica is the ideal complement in our children’s formation process. They reinforce the same values that we promote at home. Regarding the academic aspects, we’re sure they are laying the foundation to build successful careers for the students. The constant staff training and infrastructure investments are key to success. We are proud to be part of the ABC community since 2010!”

Renata Reynolds
Upper Primary Mom

“What I love the most about being a mom of three at the ABC is to experience a genuine and holistic education. Each teacher, no matter the subject they teach, makes sure to bring out the best in every student. As a result, kids attend school full of excitement, open to learning, exploring, creating, and the best part, having fun in the meantime.

Emily Urías
Upper Primary Mom

“I’m part of the alumni family of the ABC and I´ve always been proud of it. My school taught me a lot, and I keep learning from them now as a mom. Because of them, I learned how to be more resilient, and make the best out of every situation, no matter how tough it is. I admired the staff’s commitment. Watching them giving the best out of themselves every morning for the sake of our children it’s priceless.”


The ABC is truly an international school, its facilities, IB diploma program, amazing teachers and staff, and the students all make up the diverse community. I’ve been to various international schools and I can say for certain that the ABC community is special in its eagerness to empower
students to serve El Salvador and the world community.

Pablo Ventura
ABC Student

My experience in the ABC has been amazing, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. One of my favourite things that the ABC offers is the campus, there is always a connection with nature which is very refreshing for students of every age. The ABC community is also one of my favourite aspects. We have a very active engagement with the internal and external community that allows us to become more aware of the needs of our surroundings in
addition to our own.

María Alessandra Casanovas
ABC Student

It’s a pleasure to work at a progressive and forward looking school such as the ABC. El Salvador has quickly become my home, and at the heart of this is the ABC and in particular the community. The school, rightfully, prides itself on its value based education which is exemplified by the warmth, respect and friendship I have always
felt from staff, parents and children alike.

Nick Ware
Lower Primary Teacher

“Working at the ABC allows me to grow as a professional and as a person. You have the complete support of the community, which creates a sense of belonging. Children are the reason that drives you to be better every day; watching them grow makes you proud. Our team’s purpose at the ABC is to work for the common wellbeing.

Ana Gloria Mena
Upper Primary Teacher

I have had the joy to work at the ABC for 33 years, which has allowed me to grow and develop as a teacher daily. I feel proud to be part of the school and to have the opportunity to contribute in the formation process of many children, both academic and moral values. It’s gratifying to see them achieve their goals in different areas.”

Lourdes Guadrón
Lower Primary Teacher

Oh, the Places
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