Arts Department

Arts Department

Our diverse Arts programme at ABC gives all students an opportunity to flourish creatively, be it through the Visual Arts, Drama, Dance, Music or Film. Through the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma (DP) Programmes, our Arts curriculum develops creative and analytical thinkers who are self-confident, open-minded and both emotionally and culturally literate. Learning in the Arts involves our students constantly in a process of honest and critical reflection that not only supports them as learners but develops them as human beings. In short, the Arts are absolutely essential to the way in which we create Responsible Outstanding Citizens (ROCs) prepared and motivated to change the world!

Arts Department

Visual Arts





In addition to the course curriculums, students are also provided with a wide range of extracurricular arts activities from the annual School Production to Arts week, Arts and Drama clubs, Visual Arts exhibitions, Talent Shows, Musical Performances, Orchestra and the School Band.

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