Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Department at the ABC is a dynamic space that gives students the opportunity to express themselves through the use of a new graphic language, colour, sensitivity and creativity that will allow them to visualize a new form of expression and visual communication.

In a Visual Arts class, students enter a new adventure that enables them to develop a personal expression on real or fantastic themes. Applied in various contexts, this allows them to communicate their emotions and to stimulate a reflective attitude in the viewer about our existence or about urgent changes needed in our global community, turning this subject into a tool that can impact social education. Students are provided with the opportunity to analyse the contributions of great exponents of plastic arts, considering their evolutions and their impact on their own artistic proposals, whilst applying the specific language of the subject. 

In the upper grades, Visual Arts becomes an elective as pupils’ research, performance, and visual composition skills are honed. Students can also benefit from ART Gym which was created to support students working towards their international programmes. In this extra-curricular, graduates of these courses support pupils from lower years in a more relaxed environment to overcome certain gaps that they present in their creative proposals. All of this is done under the supervision and accompaniment of a member of the Department of Visual Arts.

Throughout the year, we participate in a variety of events such as Art Week, Book Week, Steam Fest, Artivism project, among others, as well as in the development of experimental workshops with national or international visual artists. We also undertake guided visits to national or international museums with specialized curators that allow us to discover interesting aspects about the themes of these productions and the influence of their contexts.

Visual Arts