The Music department at the ABC is a busy, vibrant and energetic place to learn, fostering students’ creativity and passions. Within the classroom, students explore music from a range of geographical and historical backgrounds, placing music as an artform within its cultural and social context. They learn the basics of music notation as a language, and are encouraged to perform on an instrument of their choice. As the students develop their skills, they learn how to analyse music in detail using subject specific language, and in time develop their skills of composition in a range of genres. Music becomes an elective subject in the older grades as their skills of research, performance and composition are honed. 

Outside of the classroom, the Music department runs an extensive extra-curricular program supported by our 8 instrumental teachers. The team runs individual lessons on violin, flute, piano, guitar, bass, drums, voice, cello and trumpet, as well as leading various ensembles such as the ABC Orchestra and Rock Band. Throughout the year we hold a range of exciting events, ranging from small-scale recitals during lunch, to large evening concerts for Christmas and Latin Music Night.  Musicians from the school also support other events throughout the year such as STEM-fest, Independence Day, Guy Fawkes night and more. 

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