Through inquiry, collaboration and exploration, Drama students at ABC develop not only performance techniques, but creativity, critical thinking and communication skills to take with them throughout their lives. Whilst undertaking a diverse range of activities from acting workshops to theatre design, stage combat, directing and many more, students build their confidence levels, challenge themselves to take risks and develop verbal and physical skills that are widely transferable.

In addition to the practical element of the courses, each unit incorporates a research and theoretical aspect. Stemming from the students’ personal inquiries, they explore a range of world theatre traditions, rituals, and social perspectives as a foundation for their own independent and collaborative performance pieces. An essential component of each unit of study is the development of reflective skills. Throughout the investigation, rehearsal and performance stages, students are encouraged to critique both their own innovations and the work of their peers.

Outside of the classroom, students are offered the opportunity to get involved with the yearly School Production be it on the stage or behind the scenes and to participate in our weekly Drama extracurricular activities.

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